Fusion Batá - The intercultural music project




Fusion Batá is a music project that reflects and unites the merging of different cultures.
Jazz elements combined with traditional Cuban percussion of the Batá, show that jazz does not give up borders and playfully brings together all musical styles. The listener is carried away by the lightness of the groove between bass, percussion and drums,
improvisations in combination with rap parts round off the composition to a crossover of cultures.

A batá drum is a dubious hourglass drum in the cult music of the Yoruba in Nigeria and Benin, also used in the Afro-American Santeria religion in the Caribbean.
The experimental merging of jazz and Afro-Cuban religious music is a new combination that has not been performed before and deserves to be heard.



Original handmade Batá in miniature gift from Oscar Valdez (Grammy winner of the group Irakere)

2000 at the Havana Jazz Festival